Ministries & Auxiliaries

The Mission of the Hillside All at the Table (AATT) Ministry is to provide support, programming and special events for LGBTQ members; their families and those who are supportive of same gender loving individuals. The ministry sponsors workshops, guest speakers, social events, and a place to discuss issues specific to the LGBTQ community.

Meeting Day/ Time/Location: There are no set or regular meeting dates for this auxiliary. Events, workshops, and speakers are scheduled at various times of the year announced in the Sunday church bulletin.

Lead Officer: Rev. Sedrick Gardner

Contact Email: 

The Mission of Hillside Book Lovers Ministry is to serve as a support group that facilitates the growth of the Hillside Bookstore and the Hillside Ministry.

Meeting Day/Time/Location: Quarterly...After 10:30 service... Will Room

Lead Officer: Allicia Saloman
Contact Info: 404-907-0515

Lead Officer: Valencia Hargrove

Contact Email: 

The Mission of the Hillside Caregivers to provide support and assistance to members and friends in the form of prayer and benevolence, to offer our service individually or as a group with a call, visit or any act of kindness to the family .

Meeting Day/Time/Location: 4 th Sunday of every quarter….After 9:30am Service…King Chapel

Lead Officer: Beverly Wells

Vice-President/Co-Chair: Elizabeth Clark

“We Are One” Couples Ministry is a ministry that meets couples where they are in their relationships and helps them to get to where God desires them to be. The Ministry is spirit-guided, and all married and engaged couples are welcome.

We seek to provide an interactive and engaging forum where couples can learn practical tools from God’s Word and other godly authors. In addition to scripture-based lessons and seminars, we have studied at our retreats “The Five Love Languages”, “The Four Seasons of Marriage”, “Fireproof”, and “War Room”.

Learning is important, but so is fellowship and fun! Special gatherings and activities include Fun and Game Night, Annual Family Picnic, theatre outings, bowling, group lunches and dinners, and Christmas parties.

Members of the Ministry support Hillside by volunteering for programs and events, such as The Barbara Lewis King Scholarship Foundation annual fundraiser and the Anniversary Committee. Many are also involved with other auxiliaries; i.e., Christ Conscious Kids Club, Our Business On the Hill (OBOTH), The Spirit of Brotherhood, The Music Ministry, Hillside Ushers, Volunteer Ministry, and Truth and Treasures Book Store.

The Ministry meets after the 9:30am service in the Hospitality Suite. Meeting dates for 2017 are: March 5, May 7, July 9, August 6, and October 8.

2017 Officers are:

Roosevelt Ross (Cynthia) President Fred Holmes (Tammy) Vice President Teresa Simmons (Paskel) Corresponding Secretary Arthur Cole (Margaret) Recording Secretary Paskel Simmons (Teresa) Treasurer

Contact us at or 404-758-6811. OUR MISSION

To strengthen and support married and engaged couples by providing empowering education and enrichment opportunities that align with Truth Principles as demonstrated by Jesus the Christ.

The mission of Hillside ’s Truth In Motion is to praise God through dance and movement.We aspire to use dance as a spiritual means of communication that inspires, uplifts, and engages the hearts and minds of all people.We affirm the growth and expression of our ministry as a divine blessing, delivered in truth and received with love.

Dance Rehearsals/Meeting Days/Time: Every Sunday after 9:30 Service; Every Monday at 7:00pm. Location: Dance Studio

Founding Director: Carmen Lindsey

Artistic Director:

Secretary: Missouri Neely. 404-454-2434 

An artistic ministry creating theatrical productions featuring themes that illustrate the Truth and New Thought teachings learned at Hillside, while aspiring to educate and enlighten the congregation by allowing the Divine Light of each drama participant to shine.

Contact: Thandiwe Thomas DeShazor - 

Mission: To embrace aging with a healthy, active, positive attitude, while strengthening our fellowship connections and bridging the gap of today's intergenerational needs.

Meeting Day/Time/Location: 1st Sunday of each month, after service, Power Room beyond Hospitality Suite

President, Carolyne Parks

Vice President, Jamelle Rackley 

The Mission of the Hillside Freedom Ministry is to give support and spiritual encouragement to the incarcerated. It is to reveal undetected and undeveloped potentials of all persons in prison, jail, halfway houses, detention centers and transitional centers.

Meeting Day/Time/Location: 2nd Saturday of each month...12:30-2pm...Imagination Room

President/Chair: Gloria Parker 

Greeters serve as ambassadors of kindness by greeting and welcoming members and visitors, providing an enthusiastic, positive, spiritual, and friendly welcome, and lending support to the Founder, Ministers, and Ushers to ensure a loving environment and a positive worship experience.

Meeting Day/Time/Location: 4th Sunday after 10:30 Service in the Wisdom Room

President/Chair: Valerie Jordan
Contact Info: 404-791-4599,

Vice-President/Co-Chair: Angie Wead
Contact Info: 404-375-6957, 

The Health Resources/Healthy Living Committee (HRC) serves the Hillside members and the community as a clearinghouse for information received from national and local health agencies and churches regarding health events and programs. The HRC promotes and disseminates information about health and hosts workshops and activities.

Meeting Day/ Time/Location: 4th Sunday of each month.

Chair: Angie Wead
Co-chair: Janice Carrington

Contact Info: 404-375-6957

The HIV/AIDS Ministry’s mission is to provide spiritual support to individuals and families living with and/or affected by the dis-ease. Our Ministry’s purpose is to increase HIV/AIDS awareness and knowledge, provide health education, outreach to resources, and partner with community- and faith-based organizations.

Chairperson: Rose Mincey

Contact Info: 
(678) 642-9209

The mission of the Life/Living Support Ministry is to support survivors, thrivers, graduates & caregivers through this life experience with love, sharing, caring and listening. To create a healing environment for those touched by cancer, by fostering meaningful relationships with others through shared experiences, relaxation, and fun. To make you aware of available resources and to let others know that you are not meant to make this journey alone.

Meeting Day/Time/Location: 1pm to 2pm on the 4th Saturday of each month at Hillside in the Life room.

President/Chair: Pat Jones

Contact Info: 404-354-7276 

The Media Department promotes and sustains the world’s awareness of God as the only power in the universe. We record and distribute, to as many people as possible, messages of Truth teachings, Healing and Inspiration.

Meeting Day/Time/Location: Second Sunday of each month, twenty minutes after the 9:30a.m. service in the Media Duplicating Room.

President/Chair: Michael Billups – Department Director
Contact Info:

Vice-President/Co-Chair: Annette Wilkinson, Auxiliary President
Contact Info: (770) 222-2540,

An educational support program designed to mentor and guide young men and young women in life’s activities, focusing on wholeness—spirit, mind, and body—leading to fulfillment in home, church, school and community.


Hillside Music Ministry is a channel for healing and transformation through inspired and uplifting song. The ministry provides music that opens the heart and celebrates the divine presence within our members and the congregation. Our vocalists and musicians allow Spirit to move through their musical expressions to enhance the worship services and spread the Hillside message of love and peace throughout the community.

The ministry includes the Hillside Choir, Jubilee Singers, King Singers, Men’s Ensemble, Voices of Hillside, Monica Hargrave (harpist), Delores Major (violinist), and church musicians. Children’s and youth choirs are being reactivated.

Regular Meeting Days/Times:

Voices of Hillside – every Tuesday from 7:00 – 9:15 p.m.

King Singers – two consecutive Saturdays before 2 nd Sunday, 11:00 a.m.

Men’s Ensemble – as scheduled, prior to singing on 5 th Sundays

Contact Info:

Jarvis Wilson, Minister of Music - 404-758-6811;

William Delaney, Director of King Singers –

Monica Hargrave, Harpist – 770-987-7581; website:

Hardrick Jennings, Director of Men’s Ensemble - 404-519-5644

Delores Major, Violinist – 770-981-9453; website: 

A first-stop ministry that is devoted to creating a heart-warming and welcoming environment for visitors and new members. Radiating the spirit of Oneness throughout the entire Church, the ministry orients new members to Hillside teachings and to the church family. New Member Orientation is held on the second Saturday of each month at 10 am. Orientation culminates with a Foot Washing Ceremony on the third Saturday at Noon.

Contact: Rev. Sedrick Gardner, Director Email – Phone – 404-758-6811 

The Silent Ambassadors Deaf Auxiliary seeks to establish and facilitate communication utilizing the method of American Sign Language. The information verbally presented by the ministers and speakers will be interpreted into a conceptually accurate format that can be understood by the Deaf and the hearing impaired. The Silent Ambassadors strive to create an environment that is conducive and accessible to persons whoa re physically challenged. The members of the group will encourage involvement in the Deaf community, understanding of Deaf culture, and to educate them about practical approaches of Truth as taught by the Master Teacher, Jesus the Christ. Volunteers are desired to "sign" during the Sunday worship service, other church activities, and participate in outreach programs for the Deaf. Volunteers must know sign language or be willing to learn.

Meeting Day/Time/Location: _______________

Co Chair: Martha Fletcher

Contact Info: 678-518-9218 or

Co-Chair: Felicia Bornes

Contact Info: 404-691-8105 

Spirit of Brotherhood is a men’s auxiliary comprised of individuals who come together to share, fellowship, pray and serve through various activities designed to enhance our spiritual foundation.

Meeting Day/Time/Location: Spirit of Brotherhood meets every Thursday in the Faith Chapel at 7pm. Special events, activities, and meetings will be announced.

Director: Rev. Stanley Yorker Contact Info:(Cell),

Assistant Director: Contact Info: 

SOS provides a platform for our sisters on the Hill and in the community for mind, body, and soul transformation by providing the women with a safe environment to allow them to be empowered by allowing them to be creative and grow into Devine spiritual beings

Meeting Day/Time/Location:Every 2nd Sunday in the Hospitality Suite

Co-Chair: Christal Holmes

Contact Info:

Contact Info: 404-454-8468

Contact Info: 678-886-4850

Mission: The Christ Conscious Kids Club, the children’s ministry of Hillside International Truth Center, provides lessons and experiences to help students develop spiritually, mentally and physically through Truth Teachings as outlined by the tenants of New Thought and demonstrated by Jesus the Christ.

Purpose: The purpose of the Christ Conscious Kids Club is to implement curriculum that is centered on the Twelve Spiritual Powers and focuses on character values, goal setting, spiritual development and discovery of one’s own divinity.

Objective: Through the use of innovative and engaging lessons, teachers will provide a safe space for students to explore spiritual based options for handling real-life challenges and making informed choices that serve their highest good.

CCKC Teachers: The CCKC teachers are a group of volunteers committed to ensuring the successful spiritual, mental and physical development of all children. These special teachers are Truth Students that have both a firm, yet evolving understanding of the Tenants of New Thought Teachings, Twelve Spiritual Powers, protocols of Hillside, child development, creative instructional strategies and classroom management.

Preparation: CCKC teachers are encouraged to attend classes and trainings as recommended by the Education Department and/or leadership. Teachers will periodically plan collaboratively to support each other, ensure that everyone is teaching the same content and transitions from one class to the next are seamless. Ideally, teachers will be supported in ordering materials needed to facilitate successful lessons.

Instructional Overview: Each Sunday the lessons will focus on how we use our spiritual faculties in the Home (1st Sunday) School (2nd Sunday) Community (3rd Sunday) & Church (4th Sunday). All lessons have a component that provides exploration of how we use the faculties as spiritual, physical and mental beings. Lessons are age appropriate but provide opportunities to extend critical, analytical and creative thinking. Hands-on activities provide full engagement and are fun for students.

Enrichment /Parental Support: The Christ Conscious Kids Club will provide activities such as quiz bowls, trips, plays/performances, ceremonies and community service projects to enhance the Hillside Christ Conscious Kids Club experience. For parents we will offer workshops on relevant topics such as diet and exercise, academic testing, bullying, extra-curricular activities, fundraisers, media awareness, etc. 

The Hillside Ushers Ministry is a ministry through which we tithe our time, talent, money and abilities. We assist the minister in whatever capacity needed to ensure an orderly service. We receive those coming to the service in an open, cheerful and loving manner. We are to be the maximum service to God and our fellow man.

Meeting dates and time: 4th Saturday of the month in the King Chapel at 10:30 am

Contact Info: Johnnie Flemming, Co-Director,, 678-231-5576 

The Mission of the Hillside Volunteer Ministry is to encourage and empower people to share their spiritual gifts, skills and interests in accomplishing God's work at Hillside and the world.

Meeting Day/Time/Location: 2nd Sunday, after 10:30 Service.


Contact Info:


Contact Info:


Contact Info:

Hillside’s Youth of Truth is a ministry committed to helping teens open themselves up to their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual potential through the use of principles as taught by the Master Teacher, Jesus the Christ. Teens are taught how to apply these principles in their day to day activities as they continue their quest as well-adjusted, productive, and beautiful adults.

Meeting Day/ Time/Location: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Sundays, during the 10:30 service, in the King Chapel

Youth Director: Rev. Sharon Hodnett

Contact Info: phone: 770-313-2688 email: or

Assistant Director: Andre Prospere Contact Info:

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